110 Standard Bikini Top Canvas Hood


Bikini top hoods only cover the top of the cab and leave the back open.

They fit from the front of the windscreen to the back of the cab via the front hoop, for the 110 Defender there are 2 different over screen rail types, these are round or flat.

The round front section has 4 grab handles which can be used to make the hood quick release or a sun roof option. The front of the canvas will have round tubing inside to fit into the over screen rail. This option is what we make as standard, so if you order the hood and frame this is the over screen type that you will get.

The flat front section has 6 bolts which is a more fixed option so has to be unbolted to be removed. The front of the canvas has an ABS section in the front which slides into the over screen rail.

Typically, the round front is 1984 – 2001 then the flat section would typically be 2002 – 2016.

The standard version is needed if you don’t need a seat belt bar (This would mean that you’re doing something else with your seat belts or you don’t have them), you will need the truck cab frame kit.

Our canvas hoods attach to the windscreen with webbing that fixes under the hooks on the front rail and overdoors and ties off on the front hoop. Then attaches to the body of the vehicle with 2 staples on the rear corners. (Frame parts available to purchase separately).

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Our canvas hoods are all proudly manufactured in house at our workshop in Oxfordshire, UK. With over 40 years’ experience working in the industry, we have been able to adapt and enhance our patterns to ensure the perfect canvas hood for your Land Rover.

The materials are sourced from the UK and are as original as possible including 100% cotton canvas and binding, vybac windows, spun polyester straps and ropes, brass eyelets and strap tips and galvanised steel side hooks with aluminium back plates. All our hoods are manufactured to fit original galvanised steel frame sets (we can supply these as well).

At AWT we understand that there are a multitude of ways you can modify your Land Rover and we can be flexible to cater for these modifications if you give us a call or email to let us know!

Full canvas hoods fit from the front screen to the rear of the Land Rover and Our canvas hoods are made with a rear window as standard but have the option to add side windows (WSW) as well. All our full canvas hoods come with roll up sides and back as standard while ¾ hoods do not have roll up sides as standard, but we can offer this as an additional extra.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions30 × 15 × 65 cm

Black, Blue, Khaki, Sand

Front Section

Flat, Round


18oz Filamore 100% cotton


Vybac 0.75mm


Spun polyester webbing


100% cotton


Spun polyester

Strap tips


Side hooks

Galvanised steel

Side back plates









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